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Fast & Be Clear provides nutritional support for detoxification and fasting.

It provides broad-spectrum nutritional support from vitamins, minerals, and bioactive food components to maintain the body’s antioxidant systems, and help reduce the oxidative stress from environmental toxins and allergens.

Fast & Be Clear is formulated as hypoallergenically as possible to reduce interference with the activity of detoxification.

Now updated with bioactive coenzyme forms of vitamins B2, B6, B12, and folate, increased D3, iodine, milk thistle, L-glutathione, selenium, NAC, green tea, and R-lipoic acid. It also utilizes pea protein and natural vanilla flavoring for improved dissolvability and taste! Contains less than 1 mg of caffeine per serving.

Fasting, or abstinence from food, is recognized as an appropriate and effective detoxification therapy that not only provides rest for the digestive system, but also limits the intake of dietary toxins and antigenic food components.

Fasts can also reduce the levels of leukotrienes and the activity of lymphocytes, as well as offer a respite for the various detoxification systems of the body. This allows the body’s detoxification systems to proceed without dealing with the continued buildup of toxic and allergenic dietary components
from regular eating.

Fast & Be Clear is formulated to be free of common dietary allergens, e.g. wheat and dairy, and also to provide nutrients that support the body’s detoxification systems. Nutrients such as R-alpha-lipoic acid, L-glutathione, milk thistle, carotenoids, the bioactive coenzyme forms of vitamins B2, B6, B12, and folate, vitamins C, D, and E, and the minerals magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, and boron can help improve and maintain the body’s antioxidant and xenobiotic detoxification systems.

This is especially important as fasting can lead to depletion of liver glutathione, and thus reduce the body’s capability to quench oxidative free radicals. The liver plays a major role as the main organ of detoxification and xenobiotic metabolism.

Fast & Be Clear supplies the conditionally essential amino acid glutamine, which can serve as a fuel source for colonocyte maintenance and repair, as well as for maintaining optimum efficiency of lymphocytes and macrophages in the GI tract. It also has 17 grams of protein from peas, no added sugars, and improved dissolvability and taste. Contains less than 1 mg of caffeine per serving.

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